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3D Hologram exploring self-identity, perception and personality projection, with inspiration from the Light and Space Movement.
My Final Major Project for Illustration & Visual Media (Ba) at the University of The Arts London

This project is about self-perception, and projection, the latter relating to the identity we show to the world; the intersection of what one knows themselves to be, as opposed too what we present ourselves to be.


I keep an extensive record of my mood in graphs, through which I have gained consciousness and acceptance of my mind. The projection is based on a portion of these mood graphs; each bar is a different day and the height and placement of the bars shows the range of moods within the day.


The 3D hologram structure is a means to explore installation art, within the limitations of space as the installation is contained within the structure. The amalgamation of the mood graph animation with the three-dimensional structure is symbolic for the fusion of the concept of mood and facades, and the aesthetic of light and space.


It is entitled ‘LATENCY’ because it is about beginning to exist as your true self, yet still conflicted, in a state of trepidation.

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dark hologram compressed.jpg
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