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Hi! I'm an illustrator,  painter + photographer, but ultimately I’m just someone who likes to make things.

I was born and spent most of my early childhood in New Delhi, India, but later moved to Essex. I reflect on this experience, and tell my story of migration in the form of a short comic. Currently, I am a student at the University of Arts London, studying Illustration and Visual Media. 

A lot of my work revolves around myself and my own experiences, as I use my work to explore my sense of self and my identity. I am passionate about abstract expressionism and experimental mark making, and enjoy using these techniques to document my thoughts and emotions, especially within my paintings. I am also passionate about storytelling and developing visual narratives, and have combined this with experimental techniques to create my zine, experimental feelings. I also have a special interest in music photography, and have shot for multiple bands such as Valeras, Rat Boy and King Nun, and venues such as House of Vans and Dr. Martens.


While I have my own surreal, colourful style within my illustrations, I have many different ideas and visions so I do not always work in this same style. I enjoy responding to project briefs in a medium and form which I think will communicate my ideas best. 


Please get in touch with me through the form below if you have any queries about commissions.

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